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Hi, I’m Stephen. It’s been a number of years since I learned French at High School but I reckon I could still get by if I dropped in to France for a week – I wouldn’t be perfect, but OK. I think my brain would still be able to remember enough phrases, nouns and verbs to get along.

Learning a new language that is not taught during school hours is a different matter. You need a reason (rather than just filling up school time) and commitment to succeed.

Which one to choose? That’s a personal choice, but it could be for fun, education, your career prospects, or perhaps your are going on holidays or moving overseas?

It must be easy to access the lessons, and though I took Thai lessons from a coach some years ago, I could not afford to take him on holidays with me, but my trusty mp3 player came along with me so I could do a last-minute refresher before I landed. Too cool!

I’ve been looking to learn a new language and my research lead me to the Rocket Languages company whose languages are diverse, and their offering ticks many boxes for me when I was choosing a program.

I hope you enjoy this site and join me in discovering all the benefits of learning to speak a foreign language!

Thought of a trip to Pisa?

Imagine drinking a glass of wine and eating crisp Italian bread in the afternoon?

Have a fantastic time, knowing that the phrases you learned online before you visited will get you out of any trouble, and increase your fun!

Learn to speak Italian online

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Grab the Learn to Speak Italian course right here and get ready to use for new skills!

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Did you know that French is one of the two official languages of the United Nations and Olympics? English is the other official language. French is also one of the official languages of The International Red Cross.

speak French at the Eiffel Tower

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In total, 29 nations and 12 entity States recognize French as the official language. Seven (7) other nations have large French speaking populations, even though it is not the official language.

French is the second most taught language in schools, after English. French is truly one of the major world languages, not because of the number of speakers, but because it is spoken in many places and in many global organizations.

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Pizza. Spaghetti. Lasagna. You may be familiar with these Italian words when cooking at home, getting take-away, or dining at a restaurant. But there is so much more to the Italian language. Learn to speak Italian and you will broaden your cultural horizons.

Language is much more than just words. Language defines people, history, and culture. So it is important and very helpful to know some basic facts about the language.

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