Benefits of speaking a foreign language

As the world becomes a smaller place, there are a number of reasons why learning to speak a foreign language has benefits – here are some of them:



Have fun when you travel, and make richer those travel experiences – it allows you to interact more fully when asking the locals for directions!



Gain a deeper understanding of a country and its culture. Learning a language can show idiosyncrasies of a country that you may not be aware. For example, in English, a noun does not have a gender, whilst in French, a table is female (la table) and a horse (le cheval) is male.



Gain a competitive advantage, and increase your job chances in a global market where employers often ask whether or not you are skilled in another language


Living/Moving Overseas:

Many countries prefer proposed immigrants who are able to speak the native language, with at least some of the basics covered. It’s make that interview go so much better if a few “please” and “thank you” were are known and used.


Research and Study:

Imagine studying the culture of another country and being able to read source information in that country’s own language? Suddenly your source material becomes so much more available!


Enhanced Cognitive skills:

Challenge your mind – it is often quoted that learning stimulates the brain and keeps it active, potentially offsetting those often-feared aging affects. Exercise your brain!

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