How to Learn

Whilst there are a number of ways to learn to speak a language other than your native language, here are a few methods to try:

Off-line courses – downloadable
This method is perhaps the most “portable” as you can learn the language “on the move”. By downloading a language course to an mp3 player, you can listen to the lessons while you ar at home, in the car, going to work, or anywhere else that is convenient.
You may not want to say the vocabulary out load in public, but if you take your lessons to the park and find a nice quiet place, that can be a great place to learn!

Online courses – live webinars
Once you have joined a group, or forum, many of these will have live group webinars that you can join in over the internet

Private group classes or Private one-on-one classes
Perhaps the most expensive method for tuition and your success will be partially dependent upon the quality of the teacher/s. Are they native-tongue speakers or is the language you are learning a second language for them too? This might not make much of a difference if they have been speaking two or more languages for some time. This method can be great fun as it can be combined with lunch or dinner at a local restaurant where only your new language is spoken!

Living in a foreign country
Imerse yourself into a language by living in a country where it is widely spoken! This is the “jump into the deep end” approach and does work, provided you accept some frustrations along the way, particulary at the start! This can be fun too though, trying to make yourself understood!

Watching movies and listening to the radio
Many foreign movies have sub-titles so you may be able to find a foreign TV channel in your area and watch. Of course you get visual clues as well, but you are tied to the TV for an hour or so! The radio is more portable but you do not get those visual clues.

Grammar books and text books
This may be considered a bit slow for some people, and perhaps a bit “dry” and given that most languages are cconstantly evolving, you may find that you have studied a language that has changed so much you cannot use your learning.

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