Is it good to learn to speak another language?

What is language? In short, language is verbal or written communication. Over the millennia, humans across the globe have developed the ability to create coherent sounds and symbols to articulate ideas. Humans evolved to learn to speak a language, which is understood by the local community.

Language And Communication

It is extremely important to master the basic concepts of your native language to be able to clearly communicate your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. A more advanced grasp of the language concepts will allow you to create complex and well thought out communications.

Humans are the only species on Earth that have the ability to articulate and vocalize sounds in the form of words, complex sentences, and written symbols. Many other species can only communicate with various sounds and gestures for basic survival and mating purposes. They cannot create literate works.

Humans have developed writing to make words last long after our passing. We have created many words to describe the same thing, which in turn, have developed into the countless languages and dialects that exist today.

Without language, humans would never have been able to create civilizations, including our current global society.

Speaking A Different Language

Humans have the ability to learn to speak multiple languages to communicate with people on the other side of the world or in a local ethnic market.

Many people live their entire life only speaking their native language. By choice or circumstance, others take the opportunity to learn a second, third, or more, languages. For instance, when immigrants and expatriates move to a foreign land, it is necessary for their survival and prosperity that they learn the local or national language.

If you are not planning on making such a bold and life-changing event, you may be considering a vacation or holiday abroad. In this case, its a good idea to at least learn some everyday phrases and conversational pleasantries in the native language of your intended destination.

You may need to learn to speak a language to advance your career in a global corporation. The business climate is expanding rapidly and many industries are opening offices and facilities in many nations. It is critical for successful business operations that the employees have the ability to communicate well across borders.

When you learn to speak a language that is different from your native tongue, you may have some difficulty at first. With practice, and a good tutor, online or offline, you should be able to progress at a much faster rate. A new language can open the door to an entirely new world for you.

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