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Champagne. Crepe. Omelette. Soufflé. You probably recognize the festive beverage and foods, as they are rather common in homes and restaurants. Yes, they are French. When you learn to speak French, you are immersed in a world of fine cuisine and an impressive culture. French should not be feared as a threatening language. Au contraire, it can be quite an inviting experience.

So, Tell Me about the French Language

French is one of the Latin-based “Romance” languages, which is somewhat similar in vocabulary and grammatical structure as Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, and Italian.

The people of France have a strong sense of self, and with good reason, due to their great history, culture, and contributions to the world.

French is an emotional language with many subtle nuances. It can be charged with passion and power. Conversely, it can express great joy and elation, in ways far exceeding other languages.

Who Speaks French?

You may be thinking, “I know French is spoken in France. But, where else is it spoken?”.

In days gone by, the French military expanded into many nations around the world. As a result, it left traces and influences of it culture and its language with the people.

Living French can be found in many countries, regions, and offices across the globe, including:

• Monaco
• Luxembourg
• Belgium
• Switzerland
• Québec, Canada
• North and Central Africa
• Vietnam
• Cambodia
• Madagascar
• French Overseas Departments and Territories
• Maine and Louisiana, USA

In total, 29 nations and 12 entity States recognize French as the official language. Seven (7) other nations have large French speaking populations, even though it is not the official language.

Did you know that French is one of the two official languages of the United Nations and Olympics? English is the other official language. French is also one of the official languages of The International Red Cross.

The French language is alive and well. It is used by millions of people across the globe. When you learn to speak French you will be able to communicate with many people across the globe, particularly in Europe, Africa, and North America.

French is the second most taught language in schools, after English. French is truly one of the major world languages, not because of the number of speakers, but because it is spoken in many places and in many global organizations.

If you decide you want to learn to speak French, you are opening a gateway to the world. When you speak French, you will not only learn about France, but many other nations who share a common language and cultural influences.

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