Learn to Speak Chinese and talk with Over One Billion People

Imagine learning a new language where you can increase you communication capabilities to converse with more than an additional one billion people. It staggers the mind! Sometimes, the world can be an isolated and lonely place, despite the total human population of over seven billion people. A common spoken language, reading, and writing help to unite people and culture and make the world an open and shared place. When you learn to speak Chinese, you are entering a very old culture, which has contributed a great amount of information to the global body of knowledge over the millennia and continues to do so.

Chinese – A Language without an Alphabet

When you learn to speak Chinese, the first thing you will notice about the written language is that a traditional alphabet does not exist. The Chinese language is made of a multitude of characters that can be arranged in countless combinations to form words, phrases, and sentences.

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If you think about it like this, any Chinese word can be represented by a single character or group of characters, which is just a pattern of lines arranged as a single unit to create a word.

If you look at any word in your native language, you will notice that in its most basic elements, the word is comprised of a pattern of lines or symbols arranged in a group as a single unit. Your brain recognizes the pattern of lines and symbols as a distinct unit, a word.

So, at the most basic level, learning Chinese is really no different than when you were learning to read and write your native language. When you learn to speak Chinese, you will learn to recognize the characters, patterns, and symbols that create words and the written language.

Language and Dialects

China is a huge nation with many languages and dialects, which can be quite confusing when you are learning to speak Chinese.

Mandarin is the “proper” form of the language, which is taught in most courses and programs.

Business Language

The business world is not an isolated place. The global economy requires international communications and relations for businesses and industries to succeed and prosper.

China is a manufacturing and industrial resource that is extremely productive and expanding rapidly.

As the business world expands, it may be necessary for many more people to learn another language for better communication and relations. Sometimes, the actual meaning or intent of a word or phrase does not translate directly or well into another language. It may be misunderstood by a non-native speaker. If you know how to speak your business partners’ language, chances of communication errors are reduced or eliminated.

If you learn to speak Chinese for business purposes and to advance your career or are planning a holiday in China, you are entering an ancient culture with a bright economic future.

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