Stretch Yourself and Learn To Speak A Language

Do you want to broaden your horizons and challenge yourself? Consider taking the time to learn to speak a language other than your native tongue.

In terms of personal achievement, learning to speak a foreign language is both challenging and rewarding, as it’s an activity you can work at over a long period of time with continuous improvement and refinement. It also comes in handy, as it can open up a world of social and career possibilities.

Career Options

As the world economy has become more globalized, the value of multilingual workers has become increasingly greater. Being able to communicate with business partners or employees in other parts of the world makes you a more valuable asset to your company, and may help speed your climb up the career ladder.

Research shows that bilingual employees can earn up to 20 percent more than single language speakers in similar jobs, so there is definitely a financial incentive to take the time to learn to speak a language.

Travel Options

By learning another language, you open up travel and vacation possibilities for yourself and your family as you become better able to enjoy the locales you may visit. By understanding the language of the countries to which you travel, you’re better able to take in the sights, find the best places to eat and be entertained and soak up local customs and culture.

Learning another language can also enhance your safety as your travel abroad, enabling you to better ask for help and understand situations you may find yourself in while traveling.

Intellectual Challenge

As we age, keeping our minds sharp is a priority, as studies show that keeping the mind stimulated can help stave off dementia and age-related memory loss. Learning another languages is one way to help keep mentally active, as it requires the mastery of new lingual rules and the memorization of vocabulary. Learning an new language is essentially exercise for the mind, helping you keep limber and fit.

Family History

Many of us are descendants of immigrants. By learning to speak our forefathers’ languages, we can reconnect to our culture and heritage. This awakening of interest can lead to great vacations and reunions with family who may still be living in the Old Country.

If you take the time to learn to speak a language that’s new to you, you’ll reap a great return on your investment of time and effort.

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